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Petite vague, élément graphique



Photographer, technical director,

geek and die-hard foodie


Photographer, artistic director,

producer and die-hard foodie

SeVa it's us, Sébastien and Valérie, both passionate about photography and culinary discoveries. We love color and light and that’s what inspires us first in the creation of our concepts. We use these two visual elements to highlight the quality of your products and convey all the creativity behind them through images.


SeVa is also a teamwork that combines great technical efficiency with artistic vision. Able to handle all stages of production, we have in common an attention to detail and a love of original design. This way, you can follow all the steps of the process without worry and without carrying the weight on your shoulders.

In our free time, you'll find us cooking a delicious meal, discovering a new restaurant, shopping for decor, researching all the new tech products, doing street photography or diving into our artistic projects.

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