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The most crucial step!

This is the moment when you give us all the information about your project: the objective behind the campaign, what the photos will be used for, etc.

From this information, we will develop a tailor-made concept and provide you with a detailed plan that you can comment on, adjust and approve.

We then begin the search for accessories, models, locations (if necessary) and everything that is necessary for the photo shoot.



Thanks to meticulous pre-production, when the photo shoot comes, all that's left to do is install everything and bring the concept to life.

If you are remote, you will be able to follow the different stages of the shoot and gradually receive photos to be approved.

We always make sure to produce several versions so that you have plenty of choices.



First, you will receive a gallery of choices from which you can select your favorites.

Then, we will do the necessary colorization and retouching on them.

Then we'll send you the final high-resolution images and you'll be ready to share!

Man eating a chia bowl


Each project is so different and unique that there is no fixed price. Rather, we offer prices tailored to your particular project, your needs and your budget. For example, the price may vary depending on the models that are chosen or the locations that are selected for the photoshoot.
This is why we ask you many questions at the beginning of the process. Thus, we have a precise idea of your objectives, your needs and your budget, and we can offer you a personalized and precise quote.
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